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Seamless Solutions, Superior Results:
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All your business management needs on one platform: simple, robust and affordable.

Akarigo: Odoo Gold Partner

An Odoo Digital Transformation Gold Partner who helps you:
Streamline Your Operations, Conquer Complexity

Odoo for Manufacturing

Empower your entire manufacturing ecosystem with Odoo’s comprehensive solution. Seamlessly integrate MRP, Quality, Maintenance, and PLM for a modern approach to traditional challenges.
Streamline & Innovate

Odoo for Inventory Management

Master your warehouse with Odoo’s modern, online solution. Gain full control with:
Smarter Procurement, Optimized Inventory

Odoo for Purchasing

Streamline your supply chain and boost inventory performance with Odoo’s advanced purchasing solution.
Cultivate Lasting Customer Relationships

Odoo for CRM

Unify your customer journey with Odoo’s comprehensive CRM solution. Gain a 360-degree view of your clients, prospects, and suppliers, fostering stronger relationships and boosting team collaboration.
Cultivate Lasting Customer Relationships

Odoo for Sales

Boost your sales efficiency with Odoo’s intuitive and integrated sales solution. Generate professional quotes and convert them to orders and invoices seamlessly.
Spark Engagement, Drive Results

Odoo for Marketing

Craft captivating campaigns and nurture leads effortlessly. Design stunning newsletters, segment your audience with precision, and track real-time responses – all within Odoo’s intuitive platform.
Cultivate Lasting Customer Relationships

Odoo for Finance

Empower your finance team with the modern tools they deserve. Simplify everyday tasks, gain real-time visibility, and make data-driven decisions with Odoo’s integrated finance solution.
Elevate Customer Service

Odoo for Helpdesk

Resolve issues faster, delight customers more. Odoo’s intuitive helpdesk empowers your team to prioritize, track, and resolve issues seamlessly.
Start Selling Smarter

Odoo for Ecommerce

Craft an exceptional online store experience with Odoo E-commerce, the robust solution built directly into the Odoo ecosystem.

About Akarigo: Your Growth Architects

Tired of cookie-cutter business advice that doesn’t deliver results? Akarigo’s global team of Growth Architects takes a different approach. We dive deep, analysing your entire business ecosystem to unearth hidden potential and unlock sustainable growth. Forget the jargon and ivory tower theories; we deliver actionable insights, plain and simple.

More than just consultants, we’re tech-savvy strategists who leverage cutting-edge, affordable technologies to streamline your operations and boost efficiency. Streamlined workflows and data-driven insights empower you to make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and stay ahead of the curve. 

Looking to quick start your digital transformation, try our Strategic Starter Programs.

Assisting you in implementing end-to-end solutions with a focus on minimising costs and expediting returns.
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